Refractions Guest Series: Multiples & Manicures.

A Special Guest Piece by Sarah Z.

Nail care during pre-pandemic, pre-twin mom era:

Calendar a session with your favorite manicurist. Pastel pen in your planner. Cancel if your favorite manicurist turns out to be unavailable. Maintain a running list of preferred nail care providers, along with the most flattering Essie and OPI colors in your phone notepad. Take great care and stride in maintaining and extending your manicure.

Nail care during pandemic, post-twin birth era:

Pour your lukewarm coffee in a travel mug, throw your nail clippers and file in your pocket. Extricate yourself from your partner and wailing ten-month old babies in order to go “mail a letter for work”. Find a bench or a curb, or like today, someone’s front yard garden. Clip your nails short. File so there are no jagged edges to injure your child. Enjoy your moment of piece.

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